About Us


We are an experienced team of property professionals with over 30 years experience selling property through different property cycles. We know the London property market inside out, plus have a unique knowledge of the buy to let market “further North” with direct contact with developers and the receivers in the North West, the Midlands and in Wales – and can source specific deals for clients, as well as bringing exclusively priced deals to our clients – due to the relationships we have with developers and receivers.

Our clients over the years have enjoyed through our buying power some excellent deals, that can only be secured due to our relationships and the fact that we are known for moving quickly and delivering.

Why work with us?

We are first and foremost property investors ourselves, and we get to know any deal we offer to our clients, usually putting our money into any deal we offer.  We visit any location, and carry out tireless due diligence, not just studying the prices and the locations, but the purchase contracts and the letting prospects.

We also offer, through a recommended partner, a letting service – giving buyers, many of whom are from outside the areas they are buying in – indeed 30% of our buyers are based Overseas – extra comfort when they buy with us.

Having been through the last property cycles, and due to the key fundamentals we go for when buying ourselves, as well as recommending to our clients, we have faired well.

Our mantra is always:

Look for local affordability, i.e. in the UK generally under 4 times average salary

Buy properties that are cheaper than comparable properties on the market by a minimum of 15%

Ensure the rental demand is strong – at least 7% on freehold, or 8% on leasehold properties

We love property, and will be delighted to meet you in London, or in the Midlands or discuss your requirements over the phone or by email.

Call our team today on 0115 985 3960 for details.