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We work with one of the UK’s biggest and best known developers in offering a too good to be true type opportunity that often baffles our investors as to how and why we can provide such great deals.

Showhomes are properties that developers use on sites to show off their craftsmanship in attracting new buyers to their projects. Often the first built on sites, they are often the best kept and most looked after with full fixtures and fittings on show to wow new buyers in to the latest modern homes that are still being built.

So why and how are these being sold? Our developer needs to sell all the properties they build, so instead of ‘usually’ selling the showhome last, once everything is done, they offer the opportunity for you to buy the showhome from them whilst they continue to rent the property back until they leave site.

This ensures guaranteed short term rent for the buyer at an attractive discounted purchase price, and guarantees a sale for the developer too, which is important when financing their other projects.

We get on average one or two of these mouth watering deals a month so to sign up for updates and to not miss out on these deals please fill out your details below and register your interest to receive our opportunities.

To sign up to receive our showhomes enter your details below or call our team today on 0115 985 3960 and we will send you our stocklist.

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